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22 October 2008 @ 01:09 pm
I'm like a bad penny...  
It's been seven months and 15 days since I've last posted on here. Sorry to have just vanished. I'm sure it would have been much more excusable if I'd vanished in a puff of smoke, or turned into an owl and flew away or something cool like that, but I didn't. Over half a year with no word on my life or my work so it's almost like starting over. Too much has happened since my last update but I don't want to be a bore. But not mentioning ANY of it would just be rude.

Work has been insane. I've been working on so many other books that I never really had a chance to work on my own. One of those books, Gustav Hayes: Lounge Singer of the Apocalypse, can actually be read online here.

There have been other gigs that, unfortunately, never saw print. But I got payed and that's all that counts on my end. The writers, editors, and publisher involved in those books certainly weren't starving, either, and I got to work with some VERY cool people through those. I'll post some samples from those books shortly.

My own projects were supposed to have been on hiatus but that didn't work out in one way or another. "KING!", for example, a book about a former professional wrestler turned monster hitman who also dresses like Elvis, has been talked about quite a bit by some pretty groovy people I met back in February. I can't really say anything else about it until this coming January.

And I've started drawing Robot13 again in the hopes of getting issue one ready for print by January followed by the remaining two issues and a second one shot issue of KING! before we begin that three issue series. So no more pay gigs for me for awhile. I'll be bringing in steady income for my family by going back to substitute teaching.

In the mean time, please enjoy this completed page of Robot13.